Progress 5/24/16

Do you have a favorite stage in the writing process?

If you’re not familiar with breaking the process into stages, it might help to think of writing as prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing.

My favorite is drafting. I love to see the pages fill with words. I love to stretch for my target word count each day. I love exploring my topic with the freedom that drafting offers, knowing that I’m not yet committed to what I write.

If drafting is my favorite stage, revision is the stage I like the least. This has been reinforced recently, as I have made slow progress during the revision process with my book.

Revision stretches me more than any of the other stages. Something about the act of questioning what I’ve drafted sends me into a place of deep self doubt. It’s interesting, because I feel very confident in each of the other stages, but the need to analyze my draft seems like something I could do endlessly. I struggle to be balanced—to honestly assess the value of what I’ve written, without fiddling with it for too long. 

I’m resolved not to spend too much more time in my revision process. It’s been said before that a writer never really finishes, they just stop messing with their project. I can certainly see how that will be the case with this book.