Progress Update 7/8/16

This past month, I’ve met Saturday mornings with my closest friend, a guy I’ve known for 20 years. We’ve long shared a love for books and writers. Much of our friendship has revolved around what we’ve read and written.

Our meetings over coffee are a tradition that we’ve carried on for many years, but it’s become more challenging to continue the habit as we’ve grown older and started families. The meetings have become less frequent in the last couple of years. It’s a shame.

This month, we resurrected the tradition. We’ve been sharing samples of what we’ve been writing. The camaraderie over our creative efforts has been highly encouraging. 

I’ve really missed talking with my friend about our writing. While I’d write even if I had nobody to talk to, having the sounding board of a friend or two makes a huge difference. I’m hoping that we can continue the meetings for the foreseeable future. They make a difference for both of us. 

Let me urge you, get together with one or more friends to talk about your writing. It’s great to have these discussions online, but something special happens when you also engage in person. 

When you meet a friend with your drafts and read what you’ve been working on, it’s a magical, synergistic experience. The energy and flow of ideas that result propel you forward. Weeks when you felt like quitting, you leave the meeting feeling resolved to continue. You get excellent feedback that helps you to change directions or refocus when we need to. 

Give it a shot. If you don’t have a friend, look for local writer groups—they’re everywhere. Don’t hold back from sharing—it’s the best way to grow.