Progress Update 6/15/16

Recently, I've been rediscovering the importance of doing some off-project writing. Most of us who are concerned with writing systems have one or more ongoing projects. My writing currently focuses on my book project. Perhaps you're working on something similar. 

When we have an ongoing project we want to make steady progress. We desire to complete the project and move on to something new. Sometimes, however, the best thing we can do to keep our projects going is to take a break. 

Paradoxically, taking a break to write something off-project can give us a boost in energy and motivation for the project. Writing just for pleasure is cathartic. The buzz that comes from writing just for fun can help restore our focus when we return to the project.

So this week I've been working on a little article that will probably never get published. I've written it, however, because I can sense that my brain needed a break. 

It's important for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with the fun of writing. That fun is why most of us became interested in writing in the first place. So if you are struggling with your consistency, if your progress has been lagging recently (as mine has) you may want to consider a fun writing project. Pick something purely because it excites you. Obviously, you won’t want to take on too large of a project. It should be something short, but still something fun. 

Give it a shot. Try something just for the heck of it, and then see if it doesn’t give you some extra energy for your serious writing. Be sure to tell me how it goes.