Progress Update 3/25/16

Here’s an update on how I'm dealing with season affective disorder. While I am still coping with some fatigue, I’m happy to report that my mood is significantly better. 

The light therapy really works! I've been using an energy light during the morning for 15 to 30 minutes. On the weekends, I also use it in the afternoon for a similar block of time.

My mood is definitely improved on the days that I use the light treatment, especially in the morning. I’ve also found that my sleep quality is better when I use the light.  

I've enjoyed incorporating the light into my morning routine. It puts me in the right mood; turning on the light flips a switch in my brain. The act of using light serves as another of those triggers in my writing routine. I can't say enough good things about the power of those routine triggers. If you haven’t started to incorporate them, add an environmental trigger to your routine. It will help you to be consistently productive.

While the light therapy has helped my sleep, I’m still struggling to get up in the morning during this season. To some extent, this results from my flaking out on my evening habits. I need to go to bed earlier, prep my morning activities the night before, and consistently journal before I sleep. These three routines play a vital part in my getting up on time consistently with energy and focus.