Progress Update 2/18/16

Disruptions to the Writing Process

This week, I continue to learn the importance of consistency.

No matter how long I’ve engaged in a writing routine, I find that something will come along and try to mess with it. This past month, I’ve dealt with a range of disruptions: 

  • Sickness in my entire family (spread over several weeks)
  • An increase in work-related obligations
  • Loss of sleep
  • Loss of energy
  • Financial headaches

I could go on, but these are enough to demonstrate. I know I’m not alone in struggling with these things. 

The point is that stuff like this will always threaten my writing. I need to be prepared, not just to have a daily commitment to my routine, but also to recognize that the unexpected will happen. Part of my routine needs to involve safeguards against those future threats. 

I’m going to be considering new ways to prevent setbacks from the unforeseeable. In the meantime, here’s to staying on track.