Progress Update 2/1/16

Yesterday marked the end of the period of time I allowed myself for my first draft on my current book project. My goal was to write at least 25,000 words. Last night, I hit 24,241. I called that good enough and went to bed. I've included a screenshot of my target word counter on Scrivener. 

(By the way, setting and achieving word counts is one of my favorite features on Scrivener. I can even tell the program to average out my contribution for each day to keep me on track. I love hearing the program making an audible "ding!" when I reach my daily target.)

Now for any of you who write regularly, you know that 25,000 words is pretty short for a book. (By comparison, National Novel Writing Month suggests 50,000 in just 30 days.) I’m keeping my target low for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to set a goal that I knew I could achieve when I started drafting in December. I work two jobs that fill most of my time six days a week. I’m only able to write for about an hour a day. So setting the bar low has helped me to stay focused. 

Also, I know that short books are often preferred by readers of practical non-fiction. I want to share a work on writing process that people will actually read and find useful, not a long book that readers will abandon after a couple of chapter.

Going forward, I need to revise. The next few weeks will be dedicated to that. I’ll be looking at the various parts and evaluating their relation to the whole. 

It’s a little weird going through the stages of the writing process with this book, given that’s the topic of the work itself. The meta quality messes with my mind sometimes. 

Stay posted for more info about the book. What are you working on?