Progress Update 1/3/16

Finding the Groove

This past week has been much smoother that the week prior. While the week of Christmas was a disaster for my family, with every person in my immediate family getting sick, this week was easy and relaxing. I stayed consistent with my writing and built on the previous week’s success. 

I’m excited to see the book draft develop. I’m on a 13 day streak of not missing a day. My word count is almost 8000. I’m on track to finish the initial draft in February—then, it will be time to revise and edit. 

Let me give another plug for the iOS app called Commit. While the $3 price is steep for what does (relative to other apps), I think it’s the best $3 I’ve spent in a long time. The brilliance of the app is its simplicity. It does only one thing: track the number of consecutive days that you have completed a specific task. One or more tasks can be saved on the app. On my app, I’ve saved the question, “Did you write 500 words today?” A big button fills the middle of the page. All I do is press that button if I’ve written my quota for the day. The only other feature is a scale at the bottom of the screen. That scale shows the unbroken chain of days that the activity has been completed. 

As simple as the app may be, it’s made a difference for me. Something about seeing that chain of successful days motivates me and makes me very unwilling to miss a session. Let’s see how far I can go!

How’s your writing? The new year is a great time to establish habits that will keep you writing steadily.