Progress Update 1/18/16

I’ve had a busy writing week. 

My book progress continues. I’m well over halfway in my first draft. My target is to finish the initial draft by the end of the month and then spend February revising and editing the work. 

I still haven’t settled on a name for the book. For now, I can tell you that it focuses on obstacles in the writing process. Specifically, I emphasize that writing involves two distinct mentalities, one creative and the other analytical. The key to writing more prolifically, I argue, is to manage those two mentalities well. The book offers ways of thinking and techniques to help make writing less painful and more productive. I’m not writing a handbook, so don’t suppose that it will be a list of rules about grammar or other conventions. Rather, it’s an exploration of how thinking about writing in a particular way can make it less difficult. 

My plan is to offer some excerpts from my draft in future posts. I hope that you’ll offer some feedback, so I can revise to make the finished work as useful as possible. 

Whatever you might be writing, I hope it goes well! Please consider telling me about your project in the comments here or in an email. I’d love to hear.