How I share my goals to boost consistency

This is the first of weekly posts about my personal writing goals. By making this weekly post, I’m trying to accomplish two things. 

First, I want to hold myself accountable and practice what I preach. Like anyone who’s interested in the topic of the blog, I want to become more consistent in my writing to achieve my book-writing goals.

Second, I want to offer readers an example of how an accountability habit can motivate the writing routine. Knowing that I'm going publicly announce how I did is huge motivation to stay focused!

I may switch this up in the future, but for now, here’s how it’s going to work. I'm going to share the following:

  • My goal this past week
  • The number of words I wrote
  • How much time I spent
  • The overall feeling I have about my writing habit and progress this week
  • My goal for the next week

Please, reader, if you’re serious about solidifying your habit and finishing your book, share your goal so that others can encourage you. Post your goal in the forums to get started!