Progress Update 12/27/15

A Little Accountability

I’m happy to announce that during the past week, I’ve made great strides in my writing habit. After finalizing the topic for my book, it’s been very easy to focus on specific content and to get busy writing the draft every day. I’m very excited to continue making progress on this book. The topic is the writing process. I’m shooting for 25,000 words and a release date of March 1st. I am confident that I will make this deadline. At my current rate of writing, I will finish about a month before that for my first draft. Then, it’s just a matter of editing and determining how I want to publish the book. (More about that later.)

I need to share about a tool that has been a great help to me while shaping my ritual for the drafting of this book. I found an app called Commit by a designer named Nathan Barry. This app, while it is extremely simple (and not free), has been a big motivator in remaining consistent with my writing habit. All the app does is ask me to give a daily update on whether I completed a specific task. In the case of my book writing, I’ve programmed the app to ask me, “Did you write 500 words today?” 

In addition to helping me remain committed to the daily writing goal, the app tracks the number of consecutive days that I’ve written. This is a huge motivator. I’ve been using the app for six consecutive days at this point. I really, really don’t want to lose my writing streak, and this has helped me to stay consistent. For example, a few days back, I had written, but had not attained my goal of 500 words. Because I knew that I would lose my streak on the app, I stayed up past my usual bed time to complete my writing quota. This is a huge development! The fact that I stayed up revealed a deeper level of commitment to my goal to finish the book. The app is purely a facilitator, but as goofy and indirect as it may be, it still had an impact, and this impact goes farther than just the 500 words that day. The collective streak feeds each day that follows, and I am inspired to continue committing to those 500 words, which means that my goal to complete a book becomes increasingly likely. 

I can’t stress too strongly the difference having this app has made. If you are looking to increase your consistency, try using it or something similar. Accountability is hugely important in achieving writing goals.