Progress Update 12/15/15

Not my best moment

This is definitely one of those times when I’d prefer to skip the update. Suck it up, Adam.

I’ve performed poorly in my writing habit since the last update. Of course, I have an excuse. (What kind of writer would I be if I didn’t have an excuse for not writing?) The class I taught this fall was wrapping up. My mornings, evenings, and weekends have been dominated by grading. Few things are more time consuming than grading writing, especially if the teacher truly wants students to improve. It’s been tough to strike a balance between my need to complete the grades for the class and my need to write. On a positive note, the struggle has highlighted some opportunities for improvement.

  • I need to optimize any process that can potentially cut into my writing time. Things like grading or chores around the house can be done more efficiently. I’ve been getting better at this kind of thing, but I can still make my repetitive processes more efficient.
  • On a related note, I need to guard my writing time. I definitely had days that I could have graded and done writing, but because I wasted time on social media or shows, the only remaining time went to grading. Writing needs to come first, every darn day.

What's next?

One last thing—I’ve decided that my current book project will be an introduction to the writing process. This is a topic I’ve studied and taught academically, and also something I’ve explored on a personal level over the years. I’m excited to set up a target for completing this project. Stay tuned for updates on the book. I will most likely be sharing excerpts and ask readers to weigh in on my choices.