Progress Update 11/12/15


I'm excited to share my recent writing activity. It's not all positive: I have good news and bad news. 

Bad news

  • First, this update is late. I want to stick to weekly updates to keep myself accountable. 
  • Also, my participation in National Novel Writing Month has not created as much content as I had hoped. I am well behind the target for word averages. 


Good news

  • I have worked on my novel almost every day. Tuesdays are the day I teach a class in the evening. Between that and my day job, it's extremely hard to fit in a writing session, although I'll try next Tuesday. Aside from Tuesdays, I have been consistent. 
  • I've also made progress on a guide that I will be offering readers soon. It's a review of my favorite resources for writers. I will be offering it via email. 

Goals for next week

Next week I will try to give a more timely update and to write more words for my NaNoWriMo project. My main goal will remain the same, however: write every day. 

The takeaway

Even though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to, I consider the past week a victory because I wrote every day. As I write in my last update, I think that achieving small goals is far better than failing at big ones. This will continue to be my focus. I encourage you, reader--if you struggle to win big in your writing, make your goal to write a little every day. This will build the skill and mentality that will later take you where you want to go.