Progress Update 10/19/15

How a Little Progress Is Better than a Lot

Murphy’s Law has been dominating my attempts to start a book. Anything that can prevent me from making progress this past week certainly has prevented me. The excuses are legion. The biggest are that I am behind in my prep and grading for the class I’m teaching. Also, I went on a belated trip for my wedding anniversary this past weekend. Really, though, I don’t care about the excuses, because I know I had an opportunity each day to make progress, and that’s what it’s all about: making a little progress each day.

I think my goal this week will be to focus very specifically on that idea of a little progress. Part of my struggle in book-writing consistency—and I think this is a problem for others, too—is that I always assume something inaccurate. The assumption is that because a book is a lengthy piece of writing, my daily writing sessions must also be lengthy. This concept gets it wrong, however. It’s far more important that my sessions are daily than that they are long. (A great book along these lines is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.) Length will add up over time, but if my frequency of writing remains inconsistent, the odds are good that I won’t make any real progress. I may write once or twice in a week, but the week after that may be a complete miss. Chances are good if I miss two weeks in a row, I might miss a whole month—you get the idea. So I’m committed to the idea that it needs to be every day, or darn near that frequent. 

So next week’s focus will be to make my sessions short—30 minutes max. If they’re short, I’ve got no excuse. If I can do that successfully for a week, I can always bump it up to a longer session. 

How about you? Are you having success? Please share a comment!